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Sustainability Weeks 2023


Sustainability Weeks 2023 (24.04.-07.05.2023)

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We are in an age of multiple crises - the climate crisis is just one of them. What connects all crises is their origin in capitalism. The current economic system cannot continue as it is. The current climate policy of the EU  is insufficient and unscientific. A globally conceived, socially just transformation towards a sustainable society is missing. This must resolutely oppose structures of oppression and exploitation such as patriarchy, fascism, racism and neo-colonialism.

As student representatives of the University of Vienna, we would like to point out these structural issues and exchange visions for a transformation with you. For this purpose we are organizing the Sustainability Weeks, which focus on  left, intersectional and socio-ecological perspectives. We would enjoy a diverse program and are looking forward to event ideas within the named framework - this can be anything from lectures to workshops, panel discussions or social/creative activities (online/offline/hybrid)! Topics could be:

  1. Teaching -  socio-ecological topics at university
  2. Connecting (casual / activist)
  3. Workshops (skillshare / creative / crafts)
  4. Information on socio-ecological topics (panels, discussions, talks)

We are looking forward to your ideas and suggestions, which you can submit by mail until March 20th.
If you want to join the organizing team, please also send a message to:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

About Us

We, the Sustainabiltiy and International Office of the Austrian Students Union of the University of Vienna (ÖH Uni Wien) are dedicated to a sustainable environment and a good life for all within the planetary boundaries. We consider climate change as well as environmental pollution as a threat for all inhabitants of the earth. Like all other crises of our time, the climate crisis cannot be thought without social power structures. A social, anti-racist, decolonial, feminist, emancipatory and class-sensitive response to the climate crisis is needed.

For our work, this approach means that events which we organize or support must be thought intersectionally. Furthermore, it is our concern to keep the University of Vienna aware of its responsibility in the climate crisis and to integrate an intersectional understanding of sustainability in the university.


Sarah Strüber (she/her) & Lou-Janna Daniels (she/her) 

Don`t hesitate to contact us via e-mail!


Sustainability Advisory Board University of Vienna

As the largest German-speaking university, the University of Vienna has the responsibility to use its economically and socially privileged position for a sustainable transformation. In addition to intensifying the topic of sustainability in research and teaching, the university is striving to make its own operations more climate-friendly. To this end, the Sustainability Advisory Board has drawn up a Roadmap outlining the climate neutrality targeted by 2030.

As representatives of the Austrian Student Union of the University of Vienna and thus representing all students, we bring student perspectives to the Sustainability Advisory Board. We are a team of two representatives of the Department for Sustainability and International Affairs and one representative of the Department for the Planning of Socio-Political Projects.

Working Group: Mobility


Erde brennt - Uni besetzen! - End Fossil - Occupy!


Initiative ÖkoCampusWien - for more biodiversity on campus

The initiative ÖkoCampusWien was founded under the auspices of the Department for Sustainability and International Affairs of the ÖH Uni Wien and is an association of students interested in biodiversity promotion and research. It goes back to the project "Wild Bee Protection at the Alsergrund", which received the climate protection award Klip 9 in 2020. The initiative deals with the campus of the Old General Hospital of the University of Vienna as an urban habitat that is home to many native species (plants and animals) and is part of the Wiener Arten- und Lebensraumschutzprogramm as part of Netzwerk Natur. The initiative ÖkoCampusWien is dedicated to research projects at the nature-oriented campus, develops species protection measures and aims to impart knowledge about biodiversity.

One project that has already been implemented is a citizen science-based species survey at the campus via the research platform inaturalist. There, all (free) registered users can share their observations of nature at the Old AKH and thus become researchers themselves. Currently, the project ÖkoCampusWien already includes 292 observations and 141 species (as of 19.1.2022).

Another project is the construction of nesting boxes for wild birds. For this purpose, the permission of the University of Vienna has already been obtained and a prototype has been built. The nesting boxes are to be hung at the end of February 2022.

Further plans are e.g. biodiversity surveys (mainly birds, wild bees, bats, plants), biodiversity measures, wild bee protection and sponsorships for the nesting boxes.

If you are interested in following up on the initiative, feel free to follow us on Instagram
If you would like to join in, please feel free to contact us at



Die Zukunft des Sozialstaats
hosts: ÖH Uni Wien - kapagne against precarity: Wir wollen mehr als nur prekär!

Sustainability Weeks
24.04.2023 - 07.05.2023 | tba
hosts: ÖH Uni Wien


Public Power - How can we democratize the energy system?
27.01.2023 | 18:30 Uhr | Altes-AKH, Hof 2, Hörsaal A
hosts: Attac & ÖkoRef ÖH Uni Wien


Das Ende des Kapitalismus - Buchpräsentation und Diskussion
25.11.2022 | 19:15 Uhr | Altes-AKH, Hof 2, Hörsaal C1
hosts: Attac & ÖkoRef ÖH Uni Wien & Erde brennt, Uni besetzen!