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About us

We are an autonomous collective. This means that we work independently from political parties and are not part of the political conflicts of these parties. We are working on queer_feminist, migrant and anti-racist networking.

To us, the collective Frauen*Referat is a place for self-empowerment within and outside the institution „university“. We are easily approachable and open to trans*- [1] and cis-women* [2] and lesbians. Our invitation politics depend on the event and context though. 

[1] Trans is a person whose gender that has been assigned by birth differs from the gender identity of this person.

[2] Cis is a person whose gender that has been assigned by birth matches with the gender identity of this person. 

What we do?

During our office hours we offer counselling and support for a variety of situations and problems. 

You are new to Vienna and want to know what queer_feminist, anti-racist groups, initiatives and spaces there are? You are looking for contacts/connections to political contexts? You want to start a project a group and need nancial, organisatory or any other form of support and know-how?

You experienced a form of violence (in its broadest sense) or discrimination concerning sexism, racism, homophobia, trans*phobia or exotization (from students, lecturers or other university employees)? Your professor tells you your German isn‘t good enough?

You get confronted with racist stereotypes and prejudice? You experience exclusion based on your sexual orientation or gender identity, or you are scared to „out“ yourself? Your professor reproduces heteronormative/heterosexist images? Your professor is hitting on you or asks you out?

Racist, sexist, homo- or trans*phobic words are being used in your seminar or lecture? You are not treated equally to Austrian/white[3] /western[4] European students? You are scared to get a bad grade, or not being taken seriously, when you complain or speak up against something?

You experience sexualized, racist, homo- or trans*phobic violence at your place of work? You are unable to talk about it with your boss or coworkers? Or do you work undocumented (illegally) and are therefore scared to talk about your experiences? You want to organize a demonstration, protest, intervention or different event? You want to network with us or other collectives to plan something together? 

[3] The Italics on the word "white" intend to make it evident that categories such as white and Black are actually social constructions. They are effective, which means that assigning a person the category white is a social construction. However, when someone is assigned this whiteness, the person has real privileges, given that we live in a society with racist structures. 

[4] The italics in the word "western" point to the fact that the category West, just as the category East, is interrelated with geographical place constructions with power relations. 

We can

Talk to you con dentially; anonymously if you want; Come up with different strategies of action together; Forward you to other specialized institutions/collectives/groups; Give advice from peer to peer; Support you with advertising a political event or help mobilize people... 

We are always on your side and never question your perception of things!


Farah, Lía, Sarah, Flávia, Mariama

Frauen*Referat der ÖH Uni Wien
AAKH, Spitalgasse 2, Courtyard 1, Room 2B EG14
A-1090 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0)1 4277-19525
Fax: +43 (0)1 4277-9195

E-Mail: frauenreferat@oeh.univie.ac.at

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frauenreferatwien/

Instagram: @feministisches_referat


Monday from 5 to 7 p.m. in our office, via phone or mail.

Report form

As Fem*Ref we give the possibility through this formular to report incidents of discrimination inside the structure of the University of Vienna. You can do this either anonymously or with your name. Our department has an intersectional and queer-fem perspective and it gives support for the discrimination against Women, Lesbians, Intersex, Non-Binary, Trans and Agender People, as well as people that are discrminated against because of the intersection of their race, class and gender.

In case you need counselling, please do not forget to write your email-adress at the end of the Formular!


Women‘s* Tutorium Project 

The Women* Tutoriumsproject is meant to be an open space for exchange and networking as well as engaging with the topic of discrimination on the basis of gender identity and also queer_ feminist practices and theories. All female*, lesbian*, inter* and trans* persons that are interested in queer and/or feminist issues are invited to join. It is not so important how intensively you have or haven’t engaged with these topics before, what matters is if you are interested in them now.

Queer_Feminist Funding for Scientific Papers (Queer-Fem-Topf)

The Frauen*Referat manages, together with the Queer*Referat, the funding for queer/feminist scientific papers for all students in Austria finishing their studies at a Bachelor and Master level. More info here.