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About us

As your feminist department of the ÖH Uni Vienna, we see our main focus in supporting, students who are affected by sexism and all those who want to do something against patriarchal oppression from within the feminist movement. That's why we organise open meetings to network with each other, lectures for joint further education and parties to celebrate the small and big successes of our movement. You can find the announcements for these events either in the ÖH newsletter, the ÖH Instagram account or on posters around campus.

Productive feminism must be intersectional. Therefore LINTA*, that means lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans & agender-inclusive (regard the queer department), anti-racist (regard the department for anti-racist work and foreign students) and since all these and all other forms of oppression go hand in hand with the current economic system, we see ourselves as anti-capitalists (regard the departement for working class students).

Ways we can support you

Support your feminist work

Are you working on feminist issues but need financial resources or help with organising?

Submit your project proposal here or contact us by email

Funding for your thesis

Are you writing your Master's thesis on a queerfeminist topic but need financial help to be able to concentrate fully on it?

Submit your thesis here to apply for the queerfeminist thesis funding pot

Support for experiences of sexism or gender-based violence at university

You can report incidents anonymously here:

Or, if you would prefer to discuss your experience in person, you can contact us at our email address and make an appointment

It is important to emphasise that we are not professional therapists etc., but we are always ready to listen to you. We are impartial with you, do not question your perception and will refer you to experts, therapists or lawyers.


Women*s Department of the ÖH Uni Vienna

AAKH, Spitalgasse 2, Courtyard 1, Room 2B EG14

A-1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 (0)1 4277-19525

Fax: +43 (0)1 4277-9195


Appointments by email (:

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The "Frauen*Forscherin" (~Women*Scientist) is a print publication created by our collective, which publishes queer_feminist, women*-specific content. It also presents queer_feminist places, spaces, initiatives, groups, collectives and projects in Vienna. Each issue has a thematic focus. Printed copies of Frauen*Forscherin are available at various (university and non-university) locations in Vienna, including the ÖH on campus. If you can't get hold of one because it's out of print, you can also download it here as a PDF.

Last edition

Frauen*Forscherin Summer Semester 21

Older Editions