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General Project Fund of ÖH Uni Wien

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About the Fund

At ÖH Uni Wien, we aim to support students in their projects and initiatives. However, we have certain criteria for the content and assess its relevance to students.

Below, you will find both the application form and the ÖH Uni Wien logo, which must appear on all print orders funded by ÖH.

Upcoming Project Committee Meetings

Please note that project applications that have not been formally submitted by the Tuesday before the committee meeting cannot be considered!

  • 23. March 2023
  • 6. April 2023
  • 20. April 2023



The Student Union of the University of Vienna supports projects and activities of students with financial or structural assistance. These projects should address topics relevant to students or be primarily led by students themselves.

Projects should adhere to basic principles - they should be free from any form of discrimination.

Not supported:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • fuel expenses

Project Applications

The application for funding, 'General Project Fund Application,' below should be filled out using a computer.

The application should cover the following points:

  • Information about the organizers
    • Project title
    • Organizer/Organization
    • Name of the contact person, address, phone, email
  • Project description
    • Purpose of the project, e.g., study, event, etc.
    • Brief description
    • Timeline
    • Planned publications
  • Cost analysis, financing plan
    • Expenditures: Detailed breakdown of all project costs (personnel and material expenses, etc.)
    • Income: Grants (applied for and approved) from other institutions, advertising partnerships, proceeds from the project (e.g., sale of publications, ticket sales, etc.)
    • Requested funding from ÖH
  • Additional information
    • Attached documents

Received applications are reviewed at the next project committee meeting, which takes place every second Thursday at 6:30 PM. If you wish your application to be considered in a specific week, it must be sent to us no later than the Tuesday before the committee meeting. Only fully completed applications will be considered.


Our funding plenary sessions are held every two weeks on a Thursday evening. First, the fully completed 'General Project Fund Application' should be sent to no later than Tuesday before our respective funding plenary. Projects and initiatives are only discussed if the application has been received in advance. In general, it is not necessary to personally present the project. However, if we have questions, we will invite you as organizers and/or organizations to our project committee to clarify them.

During our meeting, we will discuss whether and to what extent we can support the project. Unfortunately, we cannot fund all projects at the level we might have wished, as our budget is limited. Once a decision is made, we will contact you (hence, phone number and email address are necessary) and provide you with details, including the amount. You/your group will receive a project number, and you must submit the relevant receipts to us within three months after the project's conclusion.

  • Please check if your project might fall under one of the other project funding categories (otherwise, we may refer you to one of the other funds, resulting in valuable time being lost)
  • Complete the project application (Important: It requires a contact person with both a phone number and an email address, as well as a meaningful project description; if it involves an organization, please make this clear as well).

Implementation and Accounting Principles

The Student Union at the University of Vienna reserves the right to request original receipts for all project expenses.

  • You/your group are responsible for submitting invoices to ÖH Uni Wien in a timely manner (please submit invoices within a maximum of 3 months after approval, unless explicitly agreed otherwise).
  • You/your group are responsible for determining which invoices are submitted for a specific project (once the approved amount of a project has been disbursed, we cannot accept additional invoices, so coordinate among yourselves regarding which invoices to submit!).
  • We do not grant "blanket funding," meaning that a separate invoice is required for each funding amount.


Payment of the approved funding will only be made under the following conditions:

  • Submission of original receipts for expenses approved by the committee
  • Providing bank details, account number, bank code, and account holder
  • Using the ÖH-Uni Wien logo
  • Using gender-sensitive language (printed materials)

Mention of ÖH

On all publications related to the project (brochures, flyers, posters, films, photos, video tapes, etc.), the following note must appear to indicate that the project is supported by the Student Union of the University of Vienna:

"Funded by the Student Union of the University of Vienna"

Wherever the use of logo strips is possible (brochures, flyers, posters, etc.), the text 'Student Union of the University of Vienna' and the 'ÖH Uni Wien' logo must be used. (Templates can be requested from the ÖH Uni Wien office, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Vienna, Tel.: 01/ 4277 19503.)

Apart from the color, the text and logo may not be altered without permission!

All printed materials (brochures, books, etc.) related to the projects must include the note 'Funded by the Student Union of the University of Vienna' on the first inside page.

Attention for APPLE and LINUX Operating Systems

For Apple operating systems, the forms will only function properly if the new Adobe Reader version is installed beforehand. The Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free here. Apple operating systems (e.g., Mac OS X) have a default PDF document preview program installed. These cannot correctly use the forms, as automatic calculations cannot be processed by these preview programs, among other issues. Therefore, it is essential to use the free Adobe Reader for filling out the reimbursement and application forms.

Unfortunately, correct form filling does not work with Linux operating systems. Please consider switching to a PC with a Windows operating system for this purpose.


ÖH Uni Wien Logo black font (PNG)

ÖH Uni Wien Logo black font is primarily suitable for larger prints such as posters or banners.

ÖH Uni Wien Logo white font (PNG)

ÖH Uni Wien Logo white font is primarily suitable for larger prints such as posters or banners.

ÖH Uni Wien Logo black font (PNG)

ÖH Uni Wien Logo black font is primarily suitable for larger prints such as posters or banners.

ÖH Uni Wien Logo white font (PNG)

ÖH Uni Wien Logo white font is primarily suitable for larger prints such as posters or banners.