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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I interrupt my studies?

There are various reasons that may require you to interrupt your studies. There are three options for this:

Which of these variants is the better one depends entirely on the respective individual situation. We strongly advise you to seek detailed advice before:

Department for social affairs

Is a refund of paid tuition fees possible?

Yes, under certain conditions, a tuition fee that has already been paid can be reclaimed by the university. Among other things, this can also be a reason for a waiver that is only asserted during the semester.

Further information:

Reimbursement of the tuition fee

Is a waiver of the tuition fee possible?

There are different reasons for which a waiver of the tuition fee can be requested from the university. However, for students from third countries who are not equivalent to EU-EEA citizens, these options are limited.

Tuition fees will be automatically waived for student employees of the University of Vienna in the respective following semester.

In the summer semester of 2024, students from Ukraine will have their tuition fees waived in general.

Please note: Even with a tuition fee waiver, the ÖH contribution must still be paid without exception.

Further information:

How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee for students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland is € 363.36 per semester. No tuition fees have to be paid during the standard period of study plus two semesters. The same applies to students from third countries who have the same status.

Students from third countries without equality have to pay € 726.72 for each semester. Exceptions to this currently apply (summer semester 2023) to students from Ukraine.

In any case, non-degree ("außerordentliche") students pay € 363.36 per semester.

In addition, everyone has to pay the student's union fee ("ÖH-Beitrag", summer semester 2024: € 24.70).

Website of the University of Vienna on tuition fees


Three times per semester, you can purchase the discounted ÖH Copycard with 220 copies for 10 euros at all Facultas shops using the copy sticker. This represents a significant savings, especially since copying is one of the most cost-intensive aspects of studying. Additionally, the in-house printer at your desk is often insufficient for the volume of printing needed for the scripts and texts available on Moodle and Fronter. You can obtain the copy sticker at the ÖH Uni Wien's counseling center on the Uni Campus. Simply affix it to your ÖH card holder, and you're ready to go.

Where can I register for my stay abroad?

The University of Vienna provides an overview of various exchange programs the following website:


You can get further advice on this from the..

Office for Sustainability and International Affairs


Where can I find scholarships for my study abroad?

For Erasmus students, there is possible financial support, the amount of which depends on the host country. Furthermore, you can find more information on these websites:

Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Funding

Short-term Scholarships for Scientific Studies Abroad

Study Grants - Assistance for Studying Abroad

Office for Sustainability and International Affairs

How many examination attempts do I have?

For each of your exams, you have four opportunities to take the exam. The last opportunity, in the case of non-immediate examinations (i.e., for lectures), is before an examination board. So, you are allowed to retake an exam three times, which equals four attempts in total. If you do not pass the exam on the fourth attempt, you will unfortunately be deregistered from your studies and barred from all programs (at the University of Vienna) that require passing that particular course.

However, there is an exception since October 1, 2022: For the final exam of your program, you will have an additional attempt, allowing you to take the exam a fifth time.

Office for Education and Politics

What do I need to bring for my exam?

You are legally required to provide identification at the exam. According to § 12 of the Statutes of the University of Vienna, any official photo ID is legally acceptable. This means that as long as you have your student ID, passport, or driver's license with you, you should be fine. Of course, don't forget to bring something to write with.

Office for Education and Politics