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About us

We are the Students Union of the University of Vienna (ÖH Uni Wien) and represent your interests as a student. We represent you in dealings with the rectorate, campaign for better study conditions and help you overcome hurdles in your studies with our counselling services.

The ÖH Uni Wien is also expressly committed to the general political mandate, because the higher education policy situation at the universities is closely related to the general political circumstances: It is characterized by the management of study places, performance thinking, the principle of competition and the usability of education and people. Tuition fees and knock-out exams are signs of the increasing adaptation of the education system to market mechanisms. Due to the increasing precariousness of the conditions of study, which is particularly evident in the reduction of social benefits, space for critical learning and teaching is being restricted. Current social conditions are characterized by ideologies of inequality, structural discrimination against women, lesbians, inter*, non-binary and trans people, racism, queerphobia, heterosexism and the fundamental marginalization of socially disadvantaged people.

We as ÖH Uni Wien do not limit ourselves to a critique of society and university policies, but set initiatives that aim at a fundamental change of the circumstances.

Levels of the student representation

The structure of the ÖH is based on the structures of the universities and consists of several levels.

The Bundesvertretung (BV) is the federal representation throughout Austria. It is a negotiating partner vis-à-vis the Ministry, becomes active in the and represents the students externally. Since 2005, the federal representation of the ÖH is no longer elected directly, but is composed of persons delegated by the individual university representations. At the express request and after long negotiations of the ÖH, this change is now reversed. Since 2015, all students throughout Austria have once again been able to directly elect their nationwide representation, with each vote carrying the same weight. This is intended to strengthen the democratic legitimacy of the federal representation, to restore democracy in the highest student representation body and to facilitate the work by reducing the current 100 mandates to only 55.


The University Representation (UV) represents students vis-à-vis the local university administration and the rectorate. It fights for your interests and rights as a student and tries to bring about improvements at the university and in teaching.


The faculty (FV) and center (ZV) representation are made up of student representatives. They represent you to the dean's office and participate in various committees of the university.

The representation work in the respective fields of study is the responsibility of the student representatives. They are the smallest unit within the student representation structure in Austria.
Depending on the number of students, the student representation consist of 3-5 persons who are elected in a personal election in the course of the ÖH election. They are the direct contact for and take care of the concerns of the students in their study program. For example, they are actively involved in various committees (e.g. curricular working groups, study conferences, etc.) for improvements in everyday study life.