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Office for education, training and organization

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About us

As Office for Education, Training and Organization (abbreviated "Raufo" in German), we are responsible for various organizational matters of the ÖH Uni Wien. For example, we organize and supervise events such as the freshman consultations, which take place at the beginning of each semester. In addition, we are responsible for room reservations at the University Office and at the University itself.

In addition, we take care of a large part of the technical pool of the ÖH Uni Wien, which can be borrowed free of charge for non-commercial purposes. In the area of education and training, we organize workshops for staff and activists of the ÖH Uni Wien. Every two years we work out a new study guide together with the representatives of the study departments and are the main responsible for the enrollment counseling that takes place at the beginning of each semester.

The participation clerk, located in the Raufo, is responsible for the communication and networking of the individual study & faculty representations with the university representation and supports them in projects. Tasks range from structural, such as setting up mass mail distribution lists (so that the Student Council can reach all of its students), to acting as a point of contact for various issues, to organizing workshops and events. Basically, anything that facilitates and promotes cross-level collaboration between the representation levels.

Room reservations at the University of Vienna

All student representatives (from the student, faculty and university representative bodies) can reserve rooms for events at the University of Vienna free of charge during opening hours. Other organizations and initiatives can only reserve rooms free of charge in cooperation with the ÖH Uni Wien:

Using rooms at the University of Vienna (in German)

Here, you can find all centrally administered lecture halls and seminar rooms at the different locations of the University of Vienna: Link to locations and rooms
Here's information about the technical equipment of the rooms. Link to audio and video technology information

For study, faculty and center representatives: Link to room reservation instructions

Alternatively, you can also reserve the rooms through the ÖH Uni Wien, just fill out the form above or write an email to

Use the technology pool and resources of the ÖH Uni Vienna

The ÖH Uni Vienna has a small pool of equipment that we are happy to lend to student, faculty and center representatives as well as to other groups and organizations. The lending is basically free of charge. We reserve the right to lend the equipment only in accordance with the principles of the ÖH Uni Vienna, and only for non-commercial purposes.

For study, faculty and center representatives we have in addition to the technical equipment 7 sets of beer benches and tables as well as a moderation case with materials for seminars etc., which we lend free of charge.

If possible, you should make your request at least two weeks before the date you need it. We realize that this is not always possible, however, we may not be able to process spontaneous requests in a timely manner.

After filling out the web form we will contact you.

Link to the webform (in German)


Office for Education, Training and Organization of the ÖH Uni Vienna

Campus of the University of Vienna, Spitalgasse 2, Courtyard 1
A-1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 (0)1 4277-19509