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Office for Working Class Students

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About us

As a department, we are a contact point for workers' children or first generation students. The university is a complicated entity and apart from exams and bureaucracy there are also questions of financing that need to be clarified. The Department for Working Class Students tries to offer assistance in order to facilitate the start of studies, graduation and of course everything in between.

How do we want to do this? In addition to the counseling offered at the ÖH, we organize information events that complement this offer. We also want to build a network to create structures in which so-called First Generation Students can support each other. To this end, we organize workers' children's regulars' tables, where networking and exchange opportunities are offered.

Furthermore, we deal with the history of workers and their movement, which has contributed a lot to the expansion of education in our days and in the past.

As part of the student representation we try to create an awareness of the problem in the public perception. We use our resources and our access to university committees to lobby for the interests of First Generation Students and to push through changes.