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Office for Public Relations

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About us

The role of the so-called "Office for Public Relations" is quite simple and quickly explained: On the one hand, we want to ensure that information/opinions from and about the ÖH Uni Vienna reach the public in a structured way and that information is easily available and accessible. On the other hand, we also ensure a good flow of communication within the ÖH and distribute essential information and reports on developments to the various departments of the ÖH Uni Vienna. Especially in projects that require ongoing communication to the outside and a certain visibility, we also work on concrete content and participate in the planning of these.

Referent: Katrin Aflenzer
Clerks: Antonia Vietz, Max Maydl, David van de Sand


Office for public relations
Campus of the University Vienna, Spitalgasse 2, Courtyard 1
A-1090 Vienna

+43 (0) 676 90 25 332