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Psychotherapy Fund of the ÖH Uni Wien

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About the Fund

With the funding from the psychotherapy pot, the Austrian Students Union (ÖH) of the University of Vienna would like to provide financial relief to students who are receiving psychotherapy and/or clinical-psychological treatments. We understand the complex challenges that come with seeking mental health support, our fund aims to alleviate some of the financial strain. Our funding model offers support in form of reimbursement, providing a refund for therapy sessions already paid for, up to a maximum of €550. Mental health shouldn’t be a matter of income. For us this also means that we are committed to expanding affordable therapy places for students.

Deadline for application

>The application deadline for the summer semester 2024 is over.<

Funding model

Option 1

The funding pot is primarily a refund for therapy units that have already been used. Accordingly, you must also submit receipts showing that you have already paid your psychotherapy or clinical-psychological treatment. As long as the requirements are met, the pot will refund you for your therapy costs up to a maximum of 550€ directly to your bank account.

Option 2

For students who are not yet in therapy due to their financial situation or cannot afford therapy without prior funding approval, a limited number of spots are available. Within this quota, it is possible to receive funding approval in advance and submit invoices within 3 months thereafter. Students in particularly in precarious situations are given priority. There is no first come, first served principle. The maximum funding amount is also 550€.

Please state clearly in the application form which option you are applying for!


The following steps are necessary for an application:

  1. Read the guidelines ("Richtlinien") and the information on data protection ("Datenschutzinformation") carefully. Funding can only be granted if the guidelines are met.
  2. Complete the application form ("Antragsformular") und upload all required documents.
  3. The application is submitted automatically using the digital application form of our website (see below).

If you have any questions, please contact

Please note: Fill out all mandatory fields (*) in the digital web form and upload all documents! You will receive an automatic message to your email address if the application via the form has worked!


To receive funding, you should meet the requirements outlined in our guidelines:

  • You are currently enrolled at the University of Vienna ("Inskriptionsbestätigung", enrollment confirmation of the current semester).

  • Your income (net) has been below €1392 per month for the last 3 months (this is the official at-risk-of-poverty threshold for single-person households in Austria; April, 2023).

  • You have not received sufficient support from any other source or funding.

Students with an income below €1054 per month (the amount of minimum social security benefits/Mindestsicherung in Austria) will be given priority by us and have a higher chance of receiving funding.

Different income limits apply to students with children (see guidelines).

Depending on the number of applications, processing can take several weeks – as they go through several steps before approval. However, you should expect at least eight weeks. We ask for your patience and will let you know as quickly as possible.


A fully completed application form, confirmation of enrollment for the current semester, copies of invoices of consumed psychotherapy sessions, payment confirmations for psychotherapy sessions, complete bank statements from the last three months.

Please be sure to include your email address in the application form!

You can submit all therapy invoices that were used from July 1st, 2023 onwards. Older invoices cannot be refunded.

All documents as in option 1, except for copies of invoices or payment confirmations, which you naturally do not have yet.

Please also explicitly state in the application form that you are applying for a place from option 2!

If you receive a confirmation from us, the invoices of the therapy units must be sent to the accounting department of the ÖH ( within three months after the approval of your application.

Please send us all documents that can prove your current situation as best you can. If you do not have access to some documents yet, please explain this in the explanation section of your application. There is the possibility of submitting documents later. If something is missing, we will contact you by email.

We will notify you by email if something is missing or needs to be submitted later. A deadline is always stated in the email.

Please do not confuse this with transaction lists! We do not accept these, nor will we accept screenshots.

The following must be present and visible: the IBAN and the name under which the account is held, as well as the current and final account balance. Account statements also have a consecutive page number and are usually available from your bank as a PDF.

Example: The application is submitted at the End of March / or in April 2024: continuous and complete account statements from the period January 1st, 2024 - March 31st, 2024 (= three complete months) are needed.

If you also have a second account or a savings account, we ask you to disclose this too for reasons of fairness. For savings accounts, a current final account balance is sufficient.

No. Please black out diagnoses and do not send us extensive personal medical histories. The funding is primarily granted according to the income situation.

Please read the form "Datenschutzinformation" if you have any questions about your data. However, your data will not be stored digitally permanently.


Information on the officially recognized forms of therapy and those we support can be found in the document "Anerkannte Therapieformen". More detailed explanations can be found in the document from the Ministry of Social Affairs: Patienteninformation_(BMGSPK), Stand_29.04.2020.

Please make sure that your application states which therapy you are receiving - for example through the invoices of the treatments.

Yes, clinical psychological treatments are now also being funded.

No, the psychotherapy funding of the ÖH Uni Wien is reserved for enrolled students at the University of Vienna. Please contact the ÖH at your other university to find out whether there is a similar offer.

Please only send the application by post in exceptional cases. A longer processing time is to be expected.

Referat für Barrierefreiheit

Hochschüler_Innenschaft an der Universität Wien
Spitalgasse 2, Hof 1, 1.10
1090 Wien

  • From September 20th to December 15th or from February 20th to May 15th it is possible to apply for the Austrian Study Grant. You can find all further information on the homepage of the ÖH.

If you have any further questions that are not answered in these FAQ, please contact

Help in crises and emergencies

  • Emergency Social Psychiatry Service (Sozialpsychiatrischer Notdienst) - You can reach them by phone at +43 1 31 330, every day for 24 hours.
  • Psychotherapy Helpline – Vienna Regional Association for Psychotherapy (Wiener Landesverband für Psychotherapie) – You can reach them by phone at +43 7 20 12 00 12, every day from 8 AM to 10 PM.
  • Helpline from the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists (Helpline of the Berufsverband Österreichischer PsychologInnen) – reachable by phone at +43 1 504 8000 (Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 1 PM).
  • Women's Helpline against Violence - reachable by phone at +43 800 222 555 (daily, 24/7)
  • Telephone Counseling Vienna (Telefonseelsorge Wien– reachable by phone at 142 (available 24/7) or online here!
  • Psychological Student Counseling (Psychologische Studierendenberatung) – available on weekdays by phone at +43 1 402 30 91 or through email at
  • ÖH Helpline - reachable by phone at +43 1 585 3333 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm)

Lists for queer, feminist & anti-racist therapy

  • QueerMed: directory of queer-friendly psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and more: QueerMed
  • We too are Vienna (Wir sind auch Wien): Platform for BIPoC and mental health, more information here: We too are Vienna email:
  • Women advising Women (Frauen beraten Frauen): feminist counseling for FLINTA, more information here: Frauen beraten Frauen
  • Sigmund Freud Psychotherapeutic University Outpatient Clinic (Sigmund Freud psychotherapeutische Universitätsambulanz): offers support services in many languages (Persian/Farsi/Dari, German, English, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Polish, French, Romanian, Mandarin); more information here: Sigmund Freud psychotherapeutische Universitätsambulanz

Contact info


Referat für Barrierefreiheit

Hochschüler_Innenschaft an der Universität Wien
2, Hof 1, 1.10
1090 Vienna

Application form and guidelines