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About us

In the broadest sense, culture is everything that man himself creates. Culture is cinema and film, action art, photography, painting, literature, theater and much more.

Our claim as the cultural department of the ÖH University of Vienna is nothing less than to reveal to you as many facets of this comprehensive field as possible. We see in various forms of art an instrument to make moments of domination visible and to break them open, to document and to stir up resistance.

But of course, art does not always present itself as the "completely other". Under terms like "tradition" and "homeland" culture presents itself in its revisionist form. After all, it is always a product of a society in which discrimination based on origin, citizenship, appearance, gender and sexual orientation is a majority.

And sometimes we just want to switch off. After a hard day sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn and friends - only to wonder why in a post-apocalyptic zombie world it's still the 'tough guys' who are allowed to hold the biggest guns in their hands.
Oh, you see, the whole thing is quite extensive. That's why we see ourselves as an open unit.

Do you want to work with us? Do you have your own projects we can support you with? Suggestions for cooperations? Or do you like to write reviews? Just write us!

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Newsletter of the Office for Culture

The newsletter of the cultural department contains important information and event dates. You can subscribe to it here: Link to newsletter sign-up.


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