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Accounting / Fee Guidelines

You will not be able to avoid carefully reading through the University's own Bursary Policy (german, pdf). It is not possible to give a really good summary here, because the handling of economic matters is really so complex.

The least we can do is refer you to the FAQ's of the Economics Department (german, pdf).

Mass mails

So-called mass mail lists can be requested from the ZID (Zentraler Informatikdienst) of the University of Vienna via the Participation Department.

At the moment there are delays because the ZID is massively overloaded due to the conversion to digital teaching. We ask for your patience.

Any communication regarding the massmailers MUST go through the Participation Department, if you contact the ZID directly, they will refer you back to us. You will save the ZID a lot of work if you contact the Participation Department directly.

To request a massmailer, you need to send an email to from your Zimbra student representative email address with the following information:

  1. StV: unet email address and user IDs of at least two and at most five people, including at least one StV mandatary for StVs. FV/ZV: unet email address and user IDs of at least five and at most ten persons, thereof at least three FV/ZV-mandataries for FVen/ZVen
  2.  all "Studienkennzahlen" (study program codes) of the degrees you want to reach (all bachelor & master programs as well as diploma and teacher training programs). This is always a six or nine digit number which you can look up here

For all study programs that have teacher training students: you can work with placeholders.

i.e. you can send us e.g. such number combinations & don't have to search out each study code individually:

  • 198 xxx 455
  • 199 567 xxx

 This information will be forwarded to the ZID and you will be notified as soon as everything is set up.

 It is automatically set that the sent-from & reply-to address of the mailings is your respective Zimbra email address (

Legal notice

With these mass mailing lists you are sending out mailings, not newsletters, i.e. students cannot unsubscribe from them.

In general, you can send out anything that is relevant to your students via these lists. However, please use this tool responsibly and do not overwhelm your students with too many mailings.

Also, ONLY general information about any election may be sent out via the mass mailer. It is NOT allowed to send out election recommendations and/or advertisements for political groups or parties. This also applies to the ÖH election.

Crediting ÖH-activities for your studies

You can also use this form to have ÖH activities credited to your studies (if your study plan allows this) - namely in the area of "Free Electives" or "Alternative Extensions".

To the form: ÖH for ECTS

Legal basis: Austrian Student Union Act (HSG) 2014, §31 Abs. 3)

By the way: Although not legally binding, ÖH activities can also be credited as part of the regular curriculum, for example as an internship or similar. Just talk to your study program director to find out if and which possibilities exist.

Reduction of compulsory attendance

"Insofar as an attendance obligation is stipulated for a course at an educational institution, this can be reduced by a maximum of 30% by student representatives, in addition to the existing regulations concerning exceptions to the attendance obligation."

Legal basis: Hochschüler_innenschaftsgesetz (HSG) 2014, §31 para. 6).

The application form for suspension of compulsory attendance according to § 31 Abs. 6 HSG 2014 has to be filled out computer-aided and signed and handed in or picked up at the secretary's office of the UV. Due to the university closure, please send all applications to:! We will send the signed scanned application back to you.

To the form: Suspension of compulsory attendance

Tuition fee waiver

If you are already liable for tuition fees, since the summer semester 2015 there is the possibility of a tuition fee exemption for ÖH activities up to a maximum of four semesters. Even though this can certainly be understood as a sign of recognition of student representative work, the University of Vienna has built in a few stumbling blocks here and you must pay attention to the following:

  • The tuition fee exemption for ÖH activities may only be claimed if there is no other waiver or reimbursement reason and you have not used the same ÖH activities in the same period for an extension of the reference period of the study grant.
  • Only one ÖH activity per semester can be taken into account (e.g. only "mandatary of the student representation", but not the nomination for two different study conferences or the times of a mandate + nomination for a study conference).
  • Please also note the deadlines for applying for a waiver of tuition fees at the University of Vienna: in the summer semester this is April 30, in the winter semester it is November 30.
  • Refunds of tuition fees already paid are also possible, for the winter semester until the following March 31; for the summer semester until the following October 31 (more details here). You may in this case submit the refund request at the same time as the waiver request.

To the form: ÖH for tuition fees

You can find all information here

Legal basis: Statutes of the University of Vienna, Studienrechtlicher Teil, § 25

Room Reservation

All student representatives (people of the student, faculty and university representatives) can reserve centrally administered lecture halls and seminar rooms for events at the University of Vienna free of charge (within the office hours of the porters). Here you can find a short instruction and learn who your contact persons are and what requirements there are. For room reservations within the institutes, you have to contact the respective institute.

All students who are not student representatives can request rooms through their responsible student representative or on request through the ÖH Uni Wien.

Here you can find all centrally managed lecture halls and seminar rooms at the locations of the University of Vienna and you can inform yourself about their technical equipment.

HOW TO: Requests for centrally managed lecture rooms:

  • Send an e-mail to the responsible person of the lecture hall management of the University of Vienna, at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the event.
  • The following information must be included in the e-mail:
    • Applicant (e-mail, telephone number and address)
    • Responsible person with contact details (e-mail, telephone number and address)
    • Title of the event and a short description (a few short sentences are sufficient)
    • Date of the event
    • Time (the event must take place in the LV time slots, e.g. 18:30-20:00, 20:15-21:45 etc.)
    • max. expected number of participants
  • After the rooms are available, a completed application form will be returned to you by e-mail.
  • You have to fill out and sign this application and send it with the overview of the services offered ("Leistungsübersicht") by the University of Vienna to the Sekretariat of the ÖH Uni Vienna so that it can be signed and stamped by the chair of the ÖH Uni Vienna.
  • The Sekretariat of the ÖH Uni Wien sends the signed application by e-mail to the lecture hall management.

It is also possible to reserve lecture halls and seminar rooms during the semester break. For this purpose, you have to send the information described above to the Event Management of the University of Vienna by e-mail:

For single events it is also possible to reserve the rooms at the ÖH Uni Vienna itself. Below you will find the requirements and an online form for the request:

Access to rooms and buildings

Although it should be clear, but in this matter student representatives have problems again and again: In order to be able to guarantee a confidential consultation but also the archiving of documents, all ÖH rooms must be lockable and the student representatives must of course have their own (!) keys to the rooms.

The keys for rooms at the institute (most of the ÖH-rooms fall under this category) can normally be obtained directly at the institute. If you have problems with this, please contact the university representatives under

Since the student representatives often need access to their rooms outside the opening hours of the university, the mandataries can also request keys for the outside doors of the buildings in which your ÖH rooms are located. The keys are issued by name - please note that there are certain personal liabilities associated with them. The keys are issued centrally via the Room and Resource Management and to get them you just have to fill out the following form and bring it to the University Representations - where it has to be signed by the chair team.

Internet connection

Internet connection with LAN cable

In most cases, floor or wall sockets for LAN cables are available in the rooms of the student representatives and the PC of your STV can connect to the internet via LAN cable. The sockets must be activated for the correct network and we also must add an entry in our IP database so that we can prevent duplicate assignment of IP addresses and to enable automatic IP assignment (via DHCP).

If you replace an old device, you can usually continue to use the IP address of the old PC on the new PC, especially if you plug the PC into the same LAN socket and have configured the IP address statically. Nevertheless it would be good if you inform the ÖH IT department about the change, because then we can keep the entry in the IP database up to date.

If you need an additional IP address (or move to new premises), please plug the device into the desired socket and then write to the IT department of the ÖH Uni Wien to get an available IP address assigned, so that we can record this in our IP database and so we can also have the respective floor or wall socket activated for the correct network. Plugging the device into the socket is optional, but it helps the ZID to locate the correct socket for the activation, because the labels of the sockets are sometimes wrong or missing.

Please send the following information to

  • IP address of the device (e.g., if already available
  • The exact address of the location of the printer or PC (e.g. NIG, 4th floor, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna)
  • The room number (e.g. 2B EG 16)
  • ID of the floor or wall socket (e.g. 120/03), if necessary also with photo of the socket
  • MAC address of the printer or PC (e.g. 0D:11:D1:A5:BB:A3)
  • FQDN: hostname of the printer or PC incl. domain (e.g.
  • Description of the device incl. operating system (e.g. Windows 10, Computer for Counselling)

Tip: How to find out the IP address or MAC address (in german)

Operating a server

Due to the firewall of the ZID, the operation of a server in the university network is only possible after contacting the ÖH IT department, because we have to apply for the firewall activation for you.

Important: If you did not get your IP addresses from the ÖH, but from your institute, you also have to apply for a change of IP address (incl. activation of a socket). Otherwise, it is not us, but the IT representative of your respective institute who is responsible for the activation.

Orders via the Federal Procurement (BBG)

It is possible at all levels of the ÖH Uni Vienna to use offers for the IT area via the BBG, but also to make smaller purchases. This usually means access to low-priced offers of desktop PCs, notebooks, monitors, printers, etc. In addition, devices usually have better warranty and support options in the event of damage. Therefore, when ordering hardware, these offers are recommended.

There is a separate form from the WiRef (Economics Department) for ordering hardware from the BBG, which should be submitted to the UV office. After approval of the order, it will be carried out on the part of the WiRef.

In order to be able to view the offers, a general account has been set up (User*in: oeh-uni-wien_BBG). The password will be sent out to all levels of the ÖH Uni Vienna by e-mail at regular intervals or can be requested at the WiRef. With this password you have access to the e-Shop of the BBG.

Order Software (ZID)

You can rent software licenses for a quarterly fee from the Central Information Service of the University of Vienna. There is a special form, which has to be filled out by computer and handed in at the secretary's office of the UV. If you rent software, you will receive an e-mail from the Economics Department once a semester with the current software overview. You are required to check and correct the software status, i.e. to cancel uninstalled software and to order installed software. The authorized signatories are responsible and liable for the software licenses. If a PC is no longer working and the software is therefore no longer needed, or if the software is no longer needed for other reasons, you must report the immediate cancellation of the respective software (complete software product name) on the respective PC (inventory number) to, so that you do not continue to pay the software rent unnecessarily.

Below you will find the current list of ZID software products.

Please note that the prices are per quarter.

The password for the file can be obtained by asking the Wiref

Softwareliste ZID (passwortgeschützt)