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About us

We are Toma, Fridolin and Lisa - the chair team of your Students' Union at University of Vienna (ÖH Uni Wien). We represent the students at Uni Vienna in committees like the Senate and University Board and with the Rectorate and other bodies of the University of Vienna. We coordinate the conferences of your university represantitves, we are in contact with your course and faculty representatives, and we are co-responsible for public relations and budgetary work.

Our work as representatives includes not only committee work and bureaucracy, but also sociopolitical representation. We make use of our political mandate to take action against current inequalities and oppression - not only at the university, but also beyond its walls.
Therefore, as ÖH Uni Wien we take up position towards sociopolitical topics, for example the current attacks against  freedom of press and assembly, to ongoing criminalization of antifascist work, or the increase in antifeminism.

All in all, we devote ourselves to topics ranging from Mensa-Pickerl (a canteen discount for students) to police repression, from contracts of employment to tuition fees, from accounting to campaign drafting.

If you want to know more about our activities, you can read through our reports to the conference of university representatives. If you have any further questions, just contact us via email to vorsitz [at]!


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Chair Reports [in German]

  • Vorsitz-Bericht für die 1. ordentliche Sitzung der Universitätsvertretung im WiSe 2022/23
  • Durchführungsstand der Anträge zum 21.10.2022
  • Vorsitz-Bericht für die 2. ordentliche Sitzung der Universitätsvertretung im SoSe 2022
  • Durchführungsstand der Anträge zum 20.05.2022
  • Vorsitz-Bericht für die 1. ordentliche Sitzung der Universitätsvertretung im SoSe 2022       
  • Durchführungsstand der Anträge zum 25.03.2022
  • Vorsitz-Bericht für die 2.ordentliche Sitzung der Universitätsvertretung im WiSe 2021/22

Weitere Berichte des Vorsitzteams findet ihr in den Protokollen der Universitätsvertretungssitzung unter dem Punkt "Protokolle" auf dieser Seite.

University Representation