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Special Project Fund of ÖH Uni Wien

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About the Fund

The constitutive Sopro meeting will take place on Thursday, September 17, 2021, at 1:00 PM.

While we are closed, please send the completed and signed applications in advance by scan and send the original by mail to us, with the note "submitted by email on DD.MM.YYYY."

The maximum funding amount is € 1000.
It is strongly recommended to thoroughly read the guidelines before applying.

Two important points from the guidelines

  1. The applications must be submitted to our office with an original signature, not as a fax, scan, or copy. Received applications will be addressed in the next respective Special Project Committee meeting.
    The deadline for special project submissions ends one week before the scheduled committee meeting. Later applications can only be considered if 2/3 of the committee members vote for approval.
  2. The bank account details must be under individual names (excluding associations, exception: queer-feminist SoPro), and funding recipients can only be students.

Below, you will find both the application form and the ÖH Uni Wien logo.

General Guidelines for Special Projects

Within the framework of the Special Projects Committee of ÖH Uni Wien


The Students' Union of the University of Vienna provides financial support to projects and activities of students according to the allocated resources of the Special Projects Committee. These projects must address relevant topics for students or be primarily carried out by students.

Special project funding can only be requested for the entire project and will only be granted for specific project areas with clearly identifiable expenses.

Not funded:

  • Fees or personnel costs, except when the services cannot be provided by the project team and are essential for project implementation.
  • Projects benefiting student factions, political parties, or their sub-organizations.
  • Parties

Scientific works to obtain an academic degree and research projects that demonstrate the required relevance for students at the University of Vienna can be funded up to a maximum of € 300.

Periodically published projects (e.g., newspapers or magazines) can be funded only once per budget year (exception for feminist/queer or periodically published projects, see below).

It is not possible to fund projects and actions that have already been carried out at the time of application (according to the date stamp). The project must be in the planning phase at this time.

The support for a special project must not exceed € 1,000.

When awarding grants, the Special Projects Committee must check whether the project is already funded by another Students' Union or the Federal Representation. Already granted funding from other ÖH special project funds will be considered in the calculation of the funding by the Special Projects Committee of ÖH Uni Wien.


  • All ÖH Uni Wien members, i.e., all students enrolled at the University of Vienna.
  • Student and faculty representatives if the project exceeds the budget of the respective representation.

Student factions, electoral groups, political parties, and their affiliated organizations cannot apply for funding from the Special Projects Committee of ÖH Uni Wien.

Project Applications

The application for the funding of a special project must be submitted on a standard form "Application for Support of a Special Project" (available at the ÖH Uni Wien secretariat and on

The application must address the following points

  • External data of the project leader and their team members
    • Name of the special project
    • Name, address, phone, email, university, field of study, student number, account number, bank, bank code, account holder, qualifications
    • Team members, with all of the above information and their qualifications
  • Project description
    • Subject of the project, e.g., study, event, etc.
    • Methods of project implementation, project organization, etc.
    • Target audience
    • Student relevance
    • Reasons for carrying out the project
    • Objectives of the project
    • Schedule
    • Presentation of the work concept
    • Project phases
    • Project conclusion
  • Results
    • Expected results of the project
    • Assessment of consequences
    • Planned follow-up activities
    • Expected feedback from students, professors, etc.
    • Publication of results
  • Cost analysis, financial plan
    • Expenses: Total cost breakdown with all detailed costs of the project (personnel and material expenses)
    • Income: Funding (applied and approved) from other institutions, advertising cooperations, proceeds from the project (e.g., sale of publications, admission fees, etc.)

If a detailed cost plan is not yet available, planned expenses, income, and applied support must be visible in the provisional statement.

Applications that do not clearly state the amount and specific purpose of the requested support will not be considered.

  • Additional Information
    • Used literature
    • Contacts with other institutions
    • Planned publications, etc.

Received applications will be addressed in the next respective Special Projects Committee meeting. The deadline for special projects ends one week before the scheduled committee meeting. Later applications can only be considered if 2/3 of the committee members vote for approval.

Only fully completed applications will be considered.

Special Regulations for the Feminist/Queer Special Project Fund

To address the specific situation and special needs of feminist/queer projects, there is a separate fund for feminist/queer projects within the Special Projects Committee.

All funded feminist/queer projects must have a student reference.

Funding for feminist/queer newspapers is possible once per semester (per newspaper project).

Additionally, there is funding available for existing feminist/queer associations or organizations. These are independent of a special project but are intended to support the association or organization based on its overall ongoing work. The maximum funding amount in this case is also € 1,000.

An application must also be submitted for funding of organizations or associations. It is requested to use the general application form for special projects and answer the questions accordingly. Additionally, on the first page, clearly indicate "Application for funding of an association/organization within the feminist/queer special fund."

The Women's Office Collective and the HomoBiTrans Office Collective may be consulted for their opinion when reviewing applications.

Project Processing

The Special Projects Committee is responsible for processing project applications. The available financial resources annually can be found in the respective ÖH annual budget.

At the time of submission, the special project must be in the planning phase. It is not possible to retroactively finance projects and actions that have already started or been carried out.

The committee can decide on the following when reviewing an application:

  • Admission of the application with a 2/3 majority in case of late submission
  • Amount of funding or rejection of a project
  • Which of the two funds should be used for funding
  • Which project expenses should be funded
  • Conditions for funding
  • Requesting further information on the project and postponement
  • Approval of subsequent changes to an already approved project
  • Capping the planned budget for certain periods

The Special Projects Committee reserves the right to decide on a semester-wise cap of the planned budget to prevent the Special Project Fund from being exhausted in the first semester of a budget period.

The Special Projects Committee cannot grant funding that exceeds the fund's total amount. Applications that cannot be processed in one semester due to the funds being fully allocated will expire.

In the last session before the end of the summer semester, the general Special Project Fund and the feminist/queer Special Project Fund will be automatically merged.

The project leader will be informed of the committee's decision.

Implementation and Accounting Principles

The project must be conducted and accounted for according to the principles of purposefulness, economy, and efficiency, as well as truthfulness and easy verifiability, as defined in the ÖH Act. The Students' Union of the University of Vienna reserves the right to request original receipts for all project expenses.

Only costs specified in the application can be reimbursed. Any changes to the costs or the project in general must be promptly communicated to the committee.

The approved cost breakdown and schedule are binding. Cost reallocations cannot be made without the committee's approval. All changes to the project's progress must be reported to and approved by the committee.

All correspondence and invoices related to the special project must clearly indicate the project's assigned number.


The disbursement of the approved special project funds will only occur under the following conditions:

  • Compliance with the special project guidelines and imposed conditions
  • Submission of original receipts for the funds approved by the committee
  • Submission of the reports indicated in point 8
  • Provision of bank details, account number, bank code, account holder
  • If the funds should not be paid to the project leader, authorization for the project leader to receive the funds on behalf of another person (bank transfer, no cash payment/check).

The settlement of the special project must be completed within one year of its approval. Otherwise, the right to funding will expire.


A final report must be prepared for each project, providing information about the course, content, and events of the project. All publications related to the special project (brochures, leaflets, posters, video cassettes, audio tapes, photos) must be included in this report.

This final report must be prepared after the project's conclusion. In the event of non-submission of a final report, the promised special project funds will be forfeited without exception.

Mention of the ÖH

All publications related to the special project (brochures, leaflets, posters, films, photos, video tapes, etc.) must include a statement that the project is supported by the Students' Union of the University of Vienna:

"Funded Special Project of the Students' Union of the University of Vienna"

Wherever the use of logos is possible (brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.), the wording "Students' Union of the University of Vienna" and the logo "ÖH Uni Wien" must be used.

Templates for the logos can be found below or requested from the Public Relations Office at

Apart from color, the wording and logo can only be modified with permission.

The logo and/or wording must be placed prominently and appropriately on all publications.

Additionally, the committee may decide on other necessary publicity references (e.g., ÖH self-advertisements: formats C5, A5, A4).

For media-specific projects: use of the "Unique" logo, "Unique" banners for events, and articles for an issue of "Unique."

If the mention of the ÖH is not executed in accordance with the guidelines, the special project funds will be forfeited without exception.

The decision to print special project results and brochures will only be made after the receipt of the final report; a new application with a cost breakdown must be submitted for this purpose.

All printed materials (brochures, books, etc.) related to special projects must include the statement "Funded Special Project of the Students' Union of the University of Vienna" on the first inner page.


Please fill out the application form electronically using Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free here. Operating systems from Apple (e.g., Mac OS X), Linux or Ubuntu, and Windows 8 have a default preview program for PDF documents installed. These programs cannot correctly process the forms since automatic calculations are not supported. Therefore, it is essential to use the free Adobe Reader to fill out the forms.