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Single Parent Students Wanted! Study on the Situation of Single Parents

⏰ When? July 5, 2 PM Duration: 2 hours📍Where? IKF Vienna, Heumarkt 33, 1030 Vienna (unfortunately not accessible)

To register, call 01/7131640-12 or email;

At the Institute for Conflict Research (IKF) in Vienna, there is currently a project underway on the situation of single parents titled: "Single Parents: Societal Perceptions, Self-Perception, and Paths to Self-Empowerment." Through a series of focus groups, the project aims to gather information on the situation, demands, and action strategies of single parents. The goal is to find out how prejudices, societal perceptions, and stereotypes against single parents can be changed and what kind of support they need. Special attention is given to individuals in multiply precarious situations, and we are particularly interested in the experiences of a diverse range of single parent groups.

We are therefore looking for approximately 10 single parent students who are interested in participating in a group discussion and would be very pleased with your interest!

Working language: German

Compensation for participation: 30 Euros

If you are unable to attend on July 5th but are interested in participating at another time, please also let us know!

Thank you very much for your interest and best regards,

Anna Hasenauer and Karin Liebhart