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ÖH Condemns Terror of Hamas

Solidarity with the Israeli and Palestinian Civilian Population!

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing violence and instability in Israel and Gaza. In recent days, the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas has killed over 1200 innocent people, abducted more than 150, and injured over 3200, with a majority of these victims being civilians. Hamas openly calls for the murder of Jewish people and aims to completely destroy the state of Israel. The recent massacres of over 200 festival attendees, the rape of women, and the abduction of children are unacceptable violations of humanity and cannot be legitimized as "resistance" under any circumstances.

Israel's response to these Hamas attacks with self-defense is legitimate and understandable. However, the cutting off of basic supplies, primarily affecting the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, is clearly a violation of international law.

During this time of conflict and uncertainty, the two-state solution remains the only realistic and viable option that recognizes the right to self-determination for both the Palestinian and Israeli populations. This is the only way to ultimately end the occupation of the West Bank by the Israeli army. However, we would like to emphasize that an Islamist terrorist organization like Hamas cannot represent the Palestinian people legitimately. We strongly condemn their actions and their agenda of terror.

Furthermore, the safety of marginalized students at universities is of great concern to us. We vigorously oppose all forms of antisemitism and reaffirm our commitment to making universities safe and inclusive spaces for all students. The attacks by Hamas on Israel lead to a direct endangerment of Jewish communities, including those in Austria. It is our duty to ensure that Jewish people can freely express their identity and connection to Israel. We must also decisively oppose the increase in assaults and hate speech against Muslim individuals, who are increasingly suffering from prejudgment and anti-Muslim racism. Unacceptable hate speech, antisemitism, and racism have no place at our universities.

It is important to emphasize that both Israel and Palestine deserve a clear right to their own state and a peaceful life free from war and marginalization. As the ÖH, we actively work to strengthen progressive forces in both states. Our solidarity goes to all those who stand for peace and de-escalation in the region.

The terror of Hamas must be decisively condemned. We therefore call for solidarity with the civilian population and the release of all hostages, reaffirming our commitment to a peaceful and sustainable solution in the region, based on respect for all people and the principle of equality.