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Against All Antisemitism - Including at the University!

The ÖH Uni Wien calls on the Rectorate of the University of Vienna to take a clear stand and finally advocate for the safety of its Jewish students.

Since the terrorist attack by the radical Islamist Hamas on the civilian population of Israel, Jewish institutions worldwide have been forced to increase their security measures. This underscores that attacks on Israel are also an attack on the Jewish diaspora. Therefore, the Rectorate of the University of Vienna should now take action and ensure the safety of Jewish students studying at the University of Vienna.

Merely issuing a statement condemning the attack on Israel without taking an actual stance is not nearly enough. The University of Vienna must also take action locally and strongly position itself against all forms of antisemitism. This includes finally dealing consistently with the university's antisemitic and fascist past, as the University of Vienna is characterized by structural antisemitism. Particularly in the Arkadenhof of the university, the busts of antisemites need to be addressed and contextualized.

Furthermore, the University of Vienna and the Rectorate must finally take a clear position regarding the weekly "Couleurbummel" of German-nationalist fraternity members. The fact that these individuals can march undisturbed in front of the university every Wednesday and reproduce their antisemitic, nationalist ideas is outrageous. The Rectorate's position that any counter-protest to the march would damage the university's reputation clearly shows that Austria lacks a sustainable culture of remembrance.

There is a need for a university that advocates for the protection of its students, as the university should be a safe place for all its students!