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Room reservations at the University of Vienna and the ÖH Uni Vienna

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Room Reservations

As the Student Union of the University of Vienna, we can reserve rooms at the University of Vienna for non-commercial purposes and public events. Organizations, initiatives, and students who wish to reserve rooms for events at the University of Vienna can do so in cooperation with us and have rooms reserved through us. Please note that the request must be made at least two weeks in advance for us to process it.

We reserve the right not to reserve rooms for events and organizations, initiatives, or groups that go against our political principles or for which we cannot identify relevance to students. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve rooms at the University of Vienna for private and explicitly non-public events.

Below, you will find a web form for room inquiries.

We are also happy to provide the premises of the ÖH Uni Wien for events.


Weiter unten findest du ein Webformular für Raumanfragen

Conditions for the Use of ÖH Uni Wien Premises

  • Room inquiry is fully completed
  • Premises are to be left in the condition they were found
  • Cleaning of the premises should be done before the regular operating hours of ÖH Uni Wien to ensure a clean working environment for the staff
  • The responsible person can be reached on the day after the event
  • If things get damaged, please report it
  • The available NO MEANS NO posters for download should be visibly displayed
  • Clarify: What to do in the event of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or discriminatory behavior (A suggestion from ÖH Uni Wien can be found below in 'Procedure for Dealing with Sexual Harassment and Violence')

Handling of Sexual Harassment and Violence

It's not always easy to keep track of who is at the event, do I know all the faces, etc. In a patriarchal society like ours, sexual violence is not the exception and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, ÖH Uni Wien provides this guide for dealing with sexual harassment at events and parties.

Of course, each situation must be handled individually, but it is important to provide security and act quickly with the help of certain structures.

The following approach is recommended

  • The affected person should be at the center and should have a say in the procedure: Should the perpetrator be directly addressed? Does the person want to go home with someone accompanying them? Etc.
  • The person responsible for the event or a trusted person talks to the perpetrator.
    The perpetrator is removed from the event.

In cases where a woman assaults a man, or a man assaults another man or a woman assaults another woman, the genders in the wording change logically. Since 97% of perpetrators are male and only about 5% of victims are male, this wording has been chosen.

What to consider

  • The victim is to be believed unconditionally.
  • Communication discipline among all parties involved (especially not revealing names).
  • Handle the situation sensitively and appropriately.
  • If an assault or a situation that could lead to one is observed, intervene immediately and/or involve responsible individuals

What should not happen

  • No lectures/accusations ("Why didn't you...") towards the victim.
  • No broadcasting in any way.
  • Perpetrators and victims should not encounter each other anymore.

In general

  • It is recommended to have a contact person available.
  • All individuals responsible for the event should be sensitized to the topic.
  • We recommend in advance to identify individuals as contact persons (post a note with a phone number and name) and/or establish a supervised women's* space.

Raumreservierung Webformular

Hier bitte den gewünschten Ort eintragen (zB Hauptgebäude, NIG, Althanstr, …)